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Our Members

The Rotary Club of Pottsville

Membership List
April 2020

Albertini, John Information Technology 2013
Arnold, Chester Manufacturing Manager-Retired 2014
Bixler, Terry Funeral Director 2006
Clark, George Retired 1993
Cooksey, James Plastics – Retired 1995
Daubert, Jenn Education – Development 2010
Davidson, William Education – Retired 1970
Eckley, Brian Healthcare Strategies 2015
Eltringham, Thomas Research Technician 1976
Ferenchick, Karen Certified Public Accountant 2008
Gherghel, Rudy Real Estate Development 2007
Giba, Bob Special Education 2019
Gonzalez, David Human Resources \ IT 2018
Gronski, Diane Commercial Lending 1999
Harris, Bradley Clergy – Salvation Army 2018
Joyce, Michael Newspaper Publisher 1999
Keitsock, Peter Social Services 2002
Kiefer, Allen Finance – Investment Services 1972
Kissling, Eileen Health Care 2019
Lewandowski, Michelle Banking 2016
Lieberman, Eric Attorney 2008
Mengel, Roy Honorary Member 1974
O’Brien, James Trust Officer 2017
Parulis, Joanne Marketing \ Communications 2012
Parulis, William Professional Engineer 1994
Peron, Frank Guidance Counselor – Retired 1997
Pope, Andrew New Car Dealer – Retired 1981
Pope, Spencer “Pete” New Car Dealer – Retired 1966
Ryon, James Insurance 2018
Scheib, Gary Optometrist 1971
Scheuren, James Education 2019
Schoeneman, Dale Product Distribution – Retired 1964
Securda, Ashley Attorney 2017
Sitcoske, Mary Medical Surgical Supplies – Retired 1988
Yasenchak, Peter Counselor 1966
Zimerofsky, Jessica Health Care 2019

For more information about Membership in our Club, please contact:

Frank Peron, Jr. 570-628-9619,

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