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March 2, 2016

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PROGRAM – Cheryl Cresswell, Executive Director of Care Net

Care Net in Schuylkill County will be celebrating their 16th year in Schuylkill County this Fall, according to Executive Director Cheryl Cresswell, our speaker this week. Cheryl told the group that the company was started when a local pastor wanted the community to offer something more than criticism to young women in crisis’ pregnancies. They have been located on South Centre Street in Pottsville for 8 years, and recently opened the Real Options Pregnancy Medical Resources Center on Red Horse Road in Pottsville. That office is located on the lower level of the building that houses Comprehensive Women’s Health Services, but the two businesses are separate.

Cheryl described her job as very exciting, especially meeting so many interesting and generous people. They are entirely funded by donations, mostly from local businesses, people, churches and organizations. She also described a fairly new program offered by Care Net and run by Sarah Hahner, teen health director. Sarah reaches out to local schools, plus has worked with various churches and other organizations to try to teach young women to make wise choices.

Part of Care Nets mission is to help expectant mothers or couples prepare for their baby. They can watch DVD’s and participate in group programs, which earn them “Baby Bucks” or “Mommy Dollars” that can be redeemed at their New Life Boutique for things like diapers, wipes and formula. The New Life Boutique is adjacent to their offices on Centre Street, and is one of the ways Care New raises money. Other ways include a 5K run in April and an Anniversary Gala in the Fall.

Thanks to Cheryl for an informative program

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