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February 24

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PROGRAM – Anthracite Chapter PA Society of Professional Engineers

This week we had our annual joint meeting with the Anthracite Chapter PA Society of Professional Engineers. Dr. Aaron Clauser from Clauser Environmental was our speaker and his topic was “Clean Water through Stream Restoration”. Dr. Clauser talked about how as a society we’ve done a great job of messing up our streams. Many have been covered over or are the recipient of various discharges. There has been serious floodplain encroachments and agricultural pollutants. In addition, Schuylkill County has problems with abandoned mine drainage.

Dr. Clauser discussed watershed assessment and showed a map outlying some of the processes in stream restoration. Interestingly the first step is to study bugs and insects to assess what water is good versus what is bad. Then engineers will walk the stream with GPS, cameras and clipboards and assess what projects are a higher or lower priority. He described how decaying water source affects those downstream, and used an example of Wilmington DE. being effected by streams in Chester and Lancaster Counties.

He told us about several Best Management Practices including placing large rocks alongside the stream, and grass vegetation. There are several sources of funding for these restoration projects, including the use of grants, non-profits with foundations and large corporations funding the projects as part of mitigation processes.

We thank Dr. Clauser for an interesting presentation.

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