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January 20, 2016

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PROGRAM – Tom Eltringham Classification Talk

Tom Eltringham joined us this year from the Minersville Club, and this week he gave a “Classification Talk”, that he separated into three parts, his personal like, his Rotary life, and his professional life. Before he started, though, Tom thanked the members for the gracious welcome that he and the other Minersville Rotarians have gotten from the Club.

Tom was raised in Branchdale, where he met his wife Pauline. They’ve been married 37 years and have two children and one granddaughter, a 17-month old who is the “Apple of their Eye”. He has an Advanced Amateur Radio License, and enjoys hiking, walking and target shooting. He and Pauline are members of St. Pat’s Church in Pottsville.

Tom joined Rotary in 1976. He was Treasurer for the Minersville Club for over 20 years, and was Treasurer of the Minersville Rotary Charites from its inception in 1997 through the end of 2015. He was President of the Club “a couple” of times, and also has served as 1995 District Conference Chairman when Bill Parulis’s father was DG, and District Secretary in 1994-95. Tom is a Paul Harris Fellow with 4 sapphires.

Professionally, Tom graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology in 1967. He immediately went to work as a Tech Assistant for AT&T Bell Laboratories, at the time the best Research & Development company in the world. Over the next 46 years, Tom worked his way to the top of the tech ladder, retiring as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff (DMTS) in July, 2014. Tom joked with the group that although his job was consistent, the name on the top of the W-2’s changed a lot. AT&T diversified and split, becoming Lucent Technologies and then Agere Systems, among others.

Tom detailed some of the projects he worked on, including Safeguard Radar Systems and missile tracking. He has worked in “clean rooms” and huge complexes, worked on lasers and underwater light wave systems. He saw a lot of changes in optic communications over the years and is obviously very enthusiastic about the work he did over his career.

Thanks to Tom for sharing much more information than could be detailed here and welcome to the Rotary Club of Pottsville!

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